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At hOMe Collective we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing space for helping professionals to share their work with the community! We offer hourly, half day, full day, and weekend rates for each of our rooms.

No matter which space you choose, know that as you and your participants walk through the door of hOMe Collective you will be greeted by a welcoming, nurturing sun room complete with water, tea, comfortable seating and a place to relax while on breaks.

Straight up the stairs you’ll find our 3 unique event spaces:

Lotus Room

Lotus Room - hOMe Collective - Wheat Ridge-Denver, CO

This space is expansive in both space and energy. With vaulted ceilings, flowing natural light and a fireplace in the corner, the Lotus Room is perfect for larger groups needing space to explore with one another, learn from one another, and engage in your offering. The Lotus Room is perfect for weekend workshops and larger trainings as your group can make itself at hOMe in this space that can hold all the different experiences and emotions that unfold.

If your group needs a smaller break out room, a private one is attached, ready and waiting. This room also has its own private bathroom to make breaks easy and convenient. Two other bathrooms are also available in hOMe Collective make break time smooth and efficient! And let’s not forget the private deck that leads down into the outdoor space that provides a whole other space for mindful walking, meditation, and group exercises.

Santosha Studio - hOMe Collective - Wheat Ridge-Denver, CO

Swaha Studio

Looking for a small, intimate space to hold groups and workshops? Swaha Studio is perfect for yoga groups, therapeutic groups, empowerment offerings, and educational offerings just to name a few. Lots of natural light flows in as you and your group can feel safe, contained, and connected in this beautiful room! This room has a nook for all personal belongings so they won’t clutter the space as you and your group engage in what’s happening. A bathroom is conveniently located just outside of this room.


Community Kitchen - hOMe Collective - Wheat Ridge-Denver, CO

Community Kitchen

Whether you just want access to the kitchen for breaks and meal times or you want to host your very own cooking workshop or demo, the community Kitchen has counter space galore to spread out, teach, learn and of course eat! Make yourself at hOMe in our kitchen as you share your passion for and knowledge of food and cooking. What is our is yours in this space as we build our inventory of kitchen gadgets. 

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