Unlike your mental conditioning, your body always tells the truth—the plain truth. So why not learn how to listen to it?
— Michael Lee, founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Are You Looking for a Different Way to Connect? 


Do you feel disconnected, lost, and frustrated? Are you seeking clarity in life transitions? Do you feel like everyone else tells you how to live and what to do, but if you could reach deep inside, you could find the answers for yourself? 

Our world is confusing, overwhelming and fragmenting. You may find yourself frazzled, checking out, missing appointments, and just feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you. You might be thinking, there has to be a different way to live, a way that feels present and exciting.    

Many People Are Seeking Their Own Answers, but Struggle to Find Space and Time

Our world is filled with distractions through tv, social media, and rushing to the next event.  These distractions alienate us from ourselves, often leaving us feeling empty and isolated. This turns into a cycle where we are often trying to fill the void by overloading with things, people, food, or maybe just by checking out in front of the TV. Yet happiness can’t be found within these things. It must be found by checking in and being present to yourself, your needs, and your wisdom.

Your body holds onto the cellular memories of all of your experiences, stresses, and overwhelming moments. There are times that releasing the energy and emotion of these experiences can help you to be more present in your life instead of held back by your past. With guidance, you can learn the most effective ways to release that negative, frantic energy.

With Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, You Can Connect More Deeply and Authentically With You

There is another way. I believe that the power is already within you to create clarity, peace, and authentic direction in your own life. You have the power to make the choice to check into your life instead of checking out of it.

During Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions, I can support you as you tap into your own wisdom and develop a deeper sense of who you are. Sessions are client-centered experiences of self that are transformative for people who want deepen their awareness, mindfulness, and insight. Weaving together body movement, dialogue, and awareness of “what’s happening now” on all levels provides opportunity for mindfulness and transformation. Through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, you can experience the embodiment of sensations, emotions, and memories as you choose which places of insight and potential you wish to explore and more fully welcome into your consciousness. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a facilitated opportunity to use your body as a vehicle of introspection and self-discovery. 

As it is such an experiential modality, words struggle to capture the essence of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. We will start with talking about what’s happening in your life right now. Using examples from your life, I will continue to describe Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to you so that you feel comfortable and understood. We will then move into centering movement and mediation that can support you as you check into what’s present on every level: breath, body, emotions, thoughts, spirit. As you bring curiosity to these parts of yourself, I serve as the flashlight, directing focus and attention to the sensations, emotions, and/or images you are discovering. 


Together, we will stay present with, explore, and connect to what seems to stick out to you. We’ll then bring movement into your body. The point is to be present to the sensations, the movement, and the emotions. Within Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, “Everything is Welcome, Everything is Sacred” because being mindful to yourself allows your inherent wisdom to shine through. The session serves as the collection of your embodied mindfulness, and we will integrate that mindfulness with discovering how your own wisdom can support you in navigating life choices, changes, and challenges with intention, clarity, and peace. 

As I work with clients, the intent is to create a safe container that supports you to tap into yourself in new ways. A client who was experiencing a difficult choice about her body came to a session looking for clarity. As I held space for her to reconnect and explore what was present within, she left saying, “I finally feel safe enough to begin to think about this decision.” You have the answers, I just support you to tap into them. You can enjoy that same sense of safety and awareness in your life.

You may believe that Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can help you find clarity, but still have questions or concerns…

I’ve never really practiced yoga before, and I’m unfamiliar with yoga therapy. What is this?

 Pheonix Rising Yoga Therapy - hOMe Collective - Wheat Ridge, CO

I know the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Experience can sound strange, unfamiliar, and daunting. Touch, movement, and dialogue are integrated in a way that supports you to feel safe and to make choices that best serve your experience. You are in full control of each and every moment of the session so that you can cultivate your voice and wisdom. Within sessions, we will refer to these moments of choice and discomfort as edges. Edges can show up as physical sensations, feelings, thoughts, and images. As the client, you are able to move towards edges that can provide awareness and insight and away from edges that feel too rough or big for the moment. 

What if I do it wrong?  

There is no right or wrong within Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. As the creator of your experience, wherever you are and whatever you encounter is exactly as it’s meant to be. I have no agenda, expectation, or objective for sessions. My sole purpose is to be present to what awareness, edges, insights, and connections you wish to pursue as you stay present to your body, mind, and spirit. Sessions can be eyes closed or eyes open, touch or no touch, depending on what serves you in each moment.

What if touch is uncomfortable?

For many of us touch is an edge that can be anywhere from uncomfortable to downright terrifying.  Phoenix Rising is a work that meets you where you are and allows space for exploring the uncomfortable without pushing you past your limits. We call this an “edge” within the Phoenix Rising work and if touch is an edge for you, we start without it.  It may never be a part of our sessions, or we could work towards touch if that is appropriate.  I will respect and hold all edges in a way to make you as the client feel safe and empowered.

Contact Bev Johnson to learn more and schedule a session!

 Liz Keltner - hOMe Collective - Wheat Ridge-Denver, CO

Bev Johnson


Bev is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and lead faculty for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

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“I was initially slightly nervous for my Phoenix Rising session because I didn’t know what to expect. Liz put me at ease right away with her calm and loving presence. I felt very safe in her hands. I knew that she was there for me, without judgment, and that I could trust her. The session was fascinating; Liz gently and kindly prompted me to listen to my own inner wisdom. If you’re open to new and different techniques for healing or just getting in touch with yourself, I highly recommend working with Liz! ”

— AS, yoga therapy client

“I was unsure what to expect when I attended my first 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga Session with Liz. Any nervousness I felt before the session immediately disappeared as Liz gently guided me to a safe environment full of self-discovery and insight. Past areas of uncertainty, trauma, and pain were acknowledged and replaced with a feeling of ease and restoration. As a result, I left the session feeling calm, peaceful, and little more whole.”

— CW, yoga therapy client

The irony is that we attempt to disown our difficult stories to appear more whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness—even our wholeheartedness—actually depends on the integration of all of our experiences, including the falls.
— Brene Brown