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Introduction to Shamanism

Sunday April 2nd 9 am - 5 pm

Shamanism is one of the oldest systems of esoteric study on the planet. The word ‘Shaman’ means “One who sees in the dark.” Dating back to the Paleolithic Era, shamanism is the root of many traditional systems of healing, ecstatic mysticism, and ascension study...including Yoga. Like Yoga, Shamanic experience aims to dissolve the egoic barriers of the small conditioned self and help reawaken the True Self: Unity Consciousness. The practice of shamanism involves specific meditation exercises, breathing techniques, and rituals that help cleanse excess emotional energy, quiet the mental mind, and wake up to the sea of extraordinary reality which always surrounds us. 

Through this course we will:

  •   Explore the historical background of Shamanism
  •   Dive into a Shamanic Journey meditation for inner child healing
  •   Discover your personal Power Animals
  •   Briefly explore the subtle energetic body from an experiential perspective

Cost: $150 (early bird $135 until 3/15/17)